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It seems that blogsphere has become busy and busier with monetization. The old personal blogs style do still exist, but realise it or not many of them too have tasted the euphory of ads on blog. Some take it seriously and some just want to test the water or just want to get easy money while doing something that they like.
Those who are doing monetization of their blog seriously maybe have already been familiar with iContact, an email marketing plus tool that help blogger or webmaster to present and tract their post, rss feed, survey, and all the marketing needs. The tool acts just like an adept yet affordable assistant, it starts as cheap as $9.95 per month, but it's also available free for 15
day trial.

The following screenshot shows how easily to manage all sort of marketing stuffs from its user friendly interface.

The tabs on the interface looks like are designated as guidelines of things to do in managing a website or blog and at the same time also act as reminder.
Its Mycontact tab has the ability to segment contacts based on the available subscribers' data to make easier doing targeted email marketing, while the Create tab is for creating contents for blog, email newsletter and feeds.

A complete overview of iContact feature is available on this following video on
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