Being blessed

That's what Holy Friday makes me think.
What if I were not born Christian?
It would be harder for me to understand about Jesus.
Even I was born and am Christian, His lifestyle and His life story is still hard for me to follow and understand.
If not because of His Love, I would have lost my faith.
He died for our sins so we who believe in Him can live, He didn't come for Christian, He came for those who believe in Him.

I'm happy, I managed to push myself to attend Holy Friday congregation this afternoon though I was a bit late and didn't get a nice seat. There were at least 3000 people who attended our Church congregation this afternoon and it was not held in Church building but in one of a big national sport centers in Jakarta.
This evening one of our TV stations broadcast "The Passion of The Christ" and again with no ads at all. That movies affirms me that I'm blessed already.

I'm already blessed, and I still want moreeeee!! :-P
Anyhow, hope you can feel the Love of Christ too in your life.

Photo by midiman
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