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Some time ago a relative told me about her battle to fight her drug addiction five years ago. She had tried many drugs during her crazy years –from the cheapest until the expensive ones. She went to the addiction rehab centre out of town, far from her family and she finally gave up the drugs after her Dad passed away just a year after her Mom, both when she was still in that rehab centre. Her story sadly is not a unique story, there are similar stories like that have happened in my country because of drug addictions and alcoholism. I hope our government is willing working harder to socialize the danger of irresponsible using of drugs because there are still many people using it and the number seems even to grow bigger.

Those who get connected with internet might be luckier, because through internet there are many accessible information that can help drug addiction and alcoholism. Location difference is not at all a problem, I'm sure many people from all over the world can learn a lot about drug detox from their reading on I just learn there that there are many drug detox programs, but from what I learnt from my relative seemed the rehab that she took mix all kind of drug addicts into one place and even sometimes if they do wrong then they got punished by putting them in the same room with mental patient. I don't know if any other drug rehabs also have that policy, I feel that it's obnoxious.

There should be a proper treatment so to make addiction recovery succeed, otherwise like what my relative experience the drug rehab would only be like an underground place for drug transaction or for exchanging drug dealer contact. Perhaps there should be guidance for those rehab centers about the right addiction recovery treatments.
Here is a good link about heroin rehab, or if you know someone who seems suffering addiction after they're using a pain relief like Vicodin, you can recommend the person to take vicodin detox.
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