Booth Design

Trade show booths are the representatives of companies in trade show. How it looks may result in sending positive PR company message or the other way around. As a medium to exhibit product or service, booth should have a notable look that is able to pull in the passers-by attention.
These are some physical elements of trade show booths:

Banner Stands
This is the front-row enticement for booth because this element functions as product or service message display to visitors that can make booth stands out. There are different types of this element, ranging from simple square banner stands to non-standard square shape banner stands, from stationary to motorized scrolling system banners. Use hanging or overhead display if you want to form an even more enclosed and compact space.
Table Skirts
Table covers is a neutralizing element. A blank cover and a cover with only company’s name or logo is good for booth design that already uses colourful banner stands. A pattern and colourful covers are good choices for a show booth with less banner stands because this kind of covers -as an exchange to banner stands- can be used as a medium to send marketing message to visitors.
Pipe and Drape
Backdrop, as the commonly largest element of booth, can use this system. Pipe and drape system easily boost the look of booth. Choose the right colour shade, and use only high quality fabric. Drape can be with or without print, just remember to not ruin the booth look with too much use of colours and prints.
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