Smells hell, Tastes heavenly

It is how to describe Durian or Duren. The durian fruit on the picture is from my parents' home backyard. I used to like it very much when I was a kid, but the smell has never been my favourite. I got a bit dizzy with the smell when my brother, sis-in-law came and together with my Mom opened this durian to eat it. I tried a bit though and it tasted great. If I'm not wrong this durian is durian Montong -the sweetest and most delicious type of durian.

Western people usually can't stand the smell of durian, but don't dismiss it when you have the opportunity to try it. Just hold your breath for a while and eat it, soon you won't mind the smell as you taste its deliciousness. If you're not as lucky as I am to have durian tree that bears fruit in your backyard, you must visit Warso Farm because it's a heaven for durian lovers as they can pick any kinds of durian directly from the durian trees. I've never been there, though it's only 2 hours from my city. I think I will ask a friend to come with me there and challenge him to eat durian -hopefully he has never tried it before. Wonder if he can stand the smell :-D

After all, what else can you find anything that smell stinky hell but taste heavenly?
Only Durian, only durian!
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