When your Thoughts count

Love or Happiness, what do you prefer?
Have you made true friends on the internet? do you believe it is possible?

Those are just two questions that I found on http://www.thoughts.com/ survey feature. Interesting. I thought www.thoughts.com was just another free blog, but it's apparently more than that.
This free blog has a strong community bond, at least that's an impression that I got from browsing some blog postings there. The members are generous enough to give their opinions and supports to other members in needs, and it's done either by leaving comments on blog postings or on the Community Forum.

The mainpage of www.thoughts.com looks clean, simple yet populated with sufficient information. The interface really provides an easy navigation, especially for new visitor to browse and learn the system. Clicking "take a tour" will take visitor to have a quick look about features from www.thoughts.com such as photo, video, podcast, feedback and of course its unlimited bandwidth blog with its ability to make posts private, public or available only for friends.

Thoughts also has language filter feature. Since the topics and blog users are assorted, everyone who don't want to come across explicit words can enable Language filter feature. You gotta love this feature, this filter is even working without login first.

The coolest feature amongst all is of course its yearly writing contest that gives very desirable
prize. Last year, http://www.thoughts.com/ sent the winner to Las Vegas, and this year the contest that will end on Wednesday April 30th, 2008 would like "to treat you and a guest to a little weekend getaway not too far from your home" for 2 nights and 3 days.

So if you live near a gorgeous resort or you want a free vacation, then be prepared to write an original essay with 300-500 words starting with the words..."Hey, I just had a crazy thought, what if..." on www.thoughts.com. If you think there's no enough time for this year, then there's always next year. Good luck.
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