Colourful Update

The mystery has revealed, I remember now how I got that 100 ec. That amount is a prize that I won from 500,000 Free Entrecard Credits Giveaway, a competition made by PopularWealth. So thank you PopularWealth for making that giveaway, though recently I'm not so active in Entrecard.

For my blog-hopping I currently prefer Blogupp for its simplicity and hassle-less, and, wow I think the sites on my blogupp widgets are mostly Italian blogs :-P, it's good for me catching up some Italian words though. I like the humble appearance of Blogupp widget too, it blends easily with any blog template, I mean it won't crash template look.

Speaking about template, I use a this professional look template now. This template can accommodate a lot of things that I want to put on my blog without really making it cluttered.
Thanks to Eblogtemplates for making available this template for blogger use. Definitely must check out the site for good looking and reliable template.

Photo by Gaetan Lee


Popular Wealth said...

You're welcome.

I don't have the option of letting you know who their from, the entrecard system doesn't give me that option yet.


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