Mysterious 100 ec

Why is it mysterious?
Because I don't know what have I done to deserve it? :))
I just got notification that 100 ec is waiting to be claimed by me.
I don't think Entrcard gives free ec, cos it's not sent to the email that I use on Entrecard.
Perhaps I actually did something out of my awareness that made me receive the gift?
If someone sent it to me, let me say thank you and thank you.
Sorry, I don't really remember how and why.
Any hint?

Oh, since I'm writing about Entrecard, let me continue.
I think anyone who've already advertised on Origena were probably aware that my advert approval stats are clean, means I have never yet declined any ad. It's true, because I don't mind any ads, I like to give choice to my readers -if any, eheh- I believe in diversity.
I receive any ads as long as they don't contain pornography.
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