Idan Raichel..Boi..O Boi...

This is the third times in a day I mention about Idan Raichel on the net.
Idan Raichel is an Israeli musician whose songs currently hold spellbound on me.
I love mostly Bo'i, it's really mesmerising me to the bone.
The tunes, the language, especially that Amharic language...magical...and Idan Raichel...I'm unashamedly saying this, sei molto bellissimo.
I would love to see his concert but I think Idan Raichel will never be able to perform in my country. Sigh.

Here, the lyrics and video of Boi from Idan Raichel and friends.

Come, give me your hand and we will go
Don't ask me where
Don't ask me about happiness

Maybe it will come too
When it will come
it'll fall upon us like rain.

Come, let us embrace and go
Don't ask me when
Don't ask me about home
Don't ask me for time
Time does not wait, nor stop or remain.

Here's the translation of Amrahic language used in the song, the part that's uttered by a female member of Idan's group.

Do you remember back then, when you used to always bring me flowers
You'd entertain me, I'd entertain you,
You'd talk to me, I'd talk to you
We'd hold each other
We'd spend every day with joy

When evening came, we'd ask when a new day would begin
When we'd separate, I would feel sad
When we'd meet, I would feel immense joy
And now all that has passed and here we are now.

Official Idan Raichel Project
**Lucio Garcia
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