Yay I got Fire Eagle Invite

Seriously, I think this beta invite web2.0 things have somehow spurred some razzle dazzle. People are in rush to try those alpha or beta version service when they're labeled with by invite only, and that can be seen from some jaiku or twitter messages.

I found out about Fire Eagle on Jaiku invitation channel, some people are looking for Fire Eagle invite there and it seems it's hard to get it. I went to Fire Eagle site to see what is it about. I'm not that informed person, so mind that :-P.
I requested an invite there though I know it usually takes a longer time to get from the main source, so I didn't really count on that. It was one Twitter message that is floating somewhere on this virtual world that guided me to another source, and the next day within less than 24 hours, my invite arrived.

The person who sent me the invite is Giuseppe from Plazes, another web2.0 locator service that I already joined. Plazes developed integration with Fire Eagle that's way Plazes have some Fire Eagle invites to share -I think. The system integration between Plazes and Fire Eagle is done only with one click.

To learn about what Fire Eagle is, go here and here (this has some invites links, don't know if any of them still works)
To integrate it with Twitter, go here.
If you are still confused, ask me not :-P
Happy hunting your invite!
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