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As I thought already, we can't expect more for free things. I should just be glad to have this beautiful template available for free and accept it as it is.

Sometime ago, I made queries twice on eblogtemplates -the provider of this template- about a little problem I'm having with this template, ie. the post on 29/4 is overlapping with the post on 22/4, and all the images cannot be centered. I also found that it's not only me that have that problem, actually some other users too. Unfortunately my queries aren't qualified to be answered. I don't know why, maybe because of its free status, that makes my queries considered too much :-D

There was another user that asked about similar issue too previously -Cat- and she got a response but not an answer.

I had also wondered, why no one else was aware about the issue. Until some days ago a blogger named RicardoUK brought the issue back -I feel somehow relieved. He has been waiting for provider to answer my question because he has similar problem. He finally couldn't wait anymore to post the query himself and he also points out that my question is being ignored.
This time it strikes :))
He gets a response, and yet it's still not an answer to that problem, and no mention about my questions either on the provider's response.

Well, anyway, this template is truly beautiful, probably I just have to pretend there's no problem at all. After all, the provider has been kind enough to tweak it for free, so I have to keep my mouth shout now :-P


Ricardo Santos said...


I know we cant expect much for free but i was mad that day as he completely ignored another question with the same old problem, he answered one before but not the other one that was brought up so many times before.

I probably shouldnt been that harsh on the comment but i was waiting for months, i didnt want to post because teh issue was reported several times before and adding one more comment would in my opinion get confusing.

Its true altough i suplied details about the errors he didnt say anything but i will provide screenshots today or tomorrow

Thanks for the link

Origena said...

I'm still looking forward to that too. I hope you can make it clear! :))

Kazi said...

Hi, i am using this template. i have no problem with this template what so ever.

about eblogtemplates the author david
dind't ignore i think ...may be he thought something wrong when u guys wanted to change ur current template over polaroid templates.

u can see my blog use this template u need some experinced on html and css code.

if anyone need help..pls feel free to contact me..i will be glad to help u as i know how to set and customzie this template.

Origena said...

Thanks Kazi :-)
But I see you just installed the template currently. Actually, the author of that template finally made correction on that template after Ricardo successfully made him do that :-D

It's written on my entry

So I think the template should not have a problem anymore. But it DID have some problems before some complaints.

I have found a better template and an error-free one from, I'm not gonna change my current template :-))

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