First Bids

I was never interested in ebay, but finally yesterday I went there because I really wanted to find a certain rare book. I found it there, but it's very expensive, total with the shipping fee, it would cost around $75 USD. The shipping fee itself would be $US 31. I almost proceeded to bid for that book, because it looked like a great book and it's still in mint condition.
I am glad I didn't rush, because I found exactly the same book but in a slightly scratched here and there but no torn paper according to the seller. The total price with the shipping fee is only $US 35.99. I bid it late at night cause I just felt it was the right time, and I was also praying that no one would bid it except I :-P.

The next morning the first thing that I did was to check ebay, I was the only bidder and of course I won.
I made another bid too for a pair of earrings. I joined the bid just in the last minutes, there were already around 7 bids made before I joined. I was and am glad I won that bid too. Now all that I need is starting to pray that no culprits will take my parcels. Please God, I really love those two items.

Photo by liewcf
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