Pure Happiness

Mich asked how am I today.
I told him I am very happy that a problem has gone.
Mich asked me what was the problem.
I told him "I can't tell you".
He said there's a psychological fact about saying "I can't tell you on the net"
But he's in hurry to go home, he'll tell me later.

Ali asked me what actually made me so happy today.
I told her actually I don't know exactly.
I am very happy that my problem is solved, but I slightly feel that it's not really the cause of my happiness.

Is this pure happiness?
A happiness without any cause but happiness?
This is a so lovely feeling.

I also thank God, that He answered my prayer.
My life is already a big miracle, so I cannot really claim that this time is miracle too. No?

Ok, I'm very very sleepy in happiness now.
Nighty night...sogni d'oro tutti!
Tonight I blog this so I will remember that once in the blue moon, I feel what is called by me as pure happiness.

Photo by reebs*
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