World Just Needs a Little Space

photo by Unhindered by Talent
I've been having SocialVibe thingies up on my site for months now, and I am glad to do so because if a little space on my blog can help others in need, then it is something worth to do.

Of course I don't donate my money directly to the cause that I chose, instead advertisers do that.
I don't get money either from embedding those SocialVibe sponsored ads of course.
So what is so cool to have widgets that don't make money to the blogger? We can do our donations anywhere, don't we?

Well, here are my reasons:
1. I think the ads there are eye-catching, and I like 'handsome' things :-D
2. My blog can do something for the world, not just money sucker :-D
3. Sometimes there are sponsors who give perks, and the giveaways are cool and hip products, though I never win so far :-P

I chose Poverty and Hunger as my first cause, then when the earthquake and nature disaster hit Myanmar and China, I changed my cause into Disaster Relief. I am back now with hunger issue by joining the cause World Food Programme. I think hunger and poverty are two interconnected problem of the World, and if you come to, you can see the real-time counter of hunger deaths. As I am writing now the number at this second has reached 983. I know it's sad.

If you like to help the World, you can join SocialVibe through their site or under my referral. Either way, choose to join, there are a lot people, especially children all over the World need your helps.

photo by angela7dreams

Photo by Unhindered by Talent and angela7dreams
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