Positive Sounds

My Muxtape has been up for some time already, but I have not been able to complete it. There are currently eight songs up on ouli.muxtape.com, and all of them are the songs that build positive mood on me. So if I feel gloomy or alike, these songs are my medication :-D

Here they are:
1. Idan Raichel - Bo'ee
2. Bali Lounge - Angels Of The Island
3. Lamb - Softly
4. Neffa - Passione
5. Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
6. Mark Sholtez - If You Were A Song
7. Paolo conte - Vieni via con me
8. Lamb - Gorecki

Of course, Bo'ee is there, I love that song very much, very uplifting.
Peccato che the Angel Of The Island is not as good as the one in the Bali Lounge CD version.

Photo by recursion_see_recursion
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