Kite Runner: There's a way to be good again

I am not sure how I ended up clicking the link of this movie when I was checking a site that gives access to watch free movie online. I didn't regret it, Kite Runner has a very touching story, I even wept. I attach the clip from the movie at the end of this post so that everyone who don't have access to the movie can have a glimpse of it, and also can listen to its lovely song.

Normally when I watch a horror movie and feel very scared, I will insert the images of film director, camera and so on into my head to neutralise my feeling or even kill the spine-chilling effect. This didn't work for Kite Runner, this movie still moved me to tears.

Kite runner is a story about two boys who befriend each other, but ruined by the cowardices of one of the boys. Hassan is a son of the servant in the house of Amir's father. They have their good times together when Afghanistan is still a decent place to live. Hassan is always like a bodyguard to Amir, he protects Amir from Assef who is also a son of another rich man. One day Hassan almost fires his slingshot at Assef's eye when Assef and his two friends threaten them on a quiet alley. The incident makes Assef even hates Hassan more.

Baba, Amir's father, loves Hasan and cares about him enough. On the day of Hasan's birthday, Baba lets Hassan to choose his own presents, and one of them is a kite.
Hassan is a prominent kite fighter, and he also is a kite runner. He knows where the kite will falls even without having to follow the kite.

The tragedy begins on the kite tournament day in Kabul. Hassan prepares everything to make sure Amir can win the tournament, and he uses the kite which is his birthday present. He directs Amir to beat all the other kites. The last cut kite is the great trophy of the tournament and everyone are trying to get it. Hassan runs to get the kite for Amir. "For you a thousand time over" says Hassan to Amir before he runs for the kite.

Unfortunately, Hassan falls into bad luck. He gets the trophy kite, but he runs across Assef and his abettors on a desolate back street. In the meantime, Amir who is worried because Hassan is still not back manages to find Hassan. He witnesses how Hassan refuses to hand out the kite to Assef because Hassan wants Amir to have it. Amir is too cowardly to act -I was very sad and mad seeing this scene, really a disturbing scene. Hassan, a ten years old or eleven years at most boy, must experiencing a painful disgrace in humanity. It's a real heartbreaking scene, the worst tragic to the boy's life.

Amir who feels very guilty of what happens to Hassan acts as if he doesn't know anything about it. Instead of comforting Hassan, Amir makes Hassan and Ali -Hassan's father to leave his house, and that's the last time Amir sees Hassan.

After Taliban takes over Afghanistan, Amir -who is now living in America- is forced to go back there by Rahim Khan -the best friend of Baba. Rahim Khan tells Amir "There is a way to be good again" as if he knew what happened to Hassan that day. The way is by saving Sohrab who is a son of Hassan. Rahim Khan shows Amir the unsent letter from Hassan, this is very touching. Hassan's heart is still pure, he still loves Amir and he hopes to see Amir again. At first Amir is still reluctant, until Rahim reveals him Baba's dark secret concerning Hassan's background.

The mission takes Amir to once again encounter his old enemy Assaf. It turns out Assaf takes Sohrab with him to be his dancing boy. He does to Sohrab what he did to Hassan :(((

For the first time Amir can get his dignity back and finds solace in his heart -although I think it's still too late- and just like the old times when Hassan stood for him, this time Sohrab also protects Amir by shooting an iron ball with his slingshot to Assaf eyes. They both manage to escape from Assaf and Afghanistan. Amir brings Sohrab to the USA with him. Amir and his wife then become Sohrab's parents. The film is closed by the scene of Amir runs the kite for Sohrab and recites Hassan words "for you a thousand times over".

I read the synopsis of the book, though the film is very good, I think the book is even better. I also sense the controversy before I read that this film raises protests especially in Afghanistan. It is about the scene of what Assaf did to Hassan on that deserted alley. A thorough reading about the film and its controversy is available in The Kite Runner wiki.


Anonymous said...


i'm looking for something special.. i didn't read the book but i watched the movie. It was great!
do you know the title of the song that is played when the little boy is dancing? It's the scene where Amir wants to rescue Sohrab and they play that tape...
I couldn't find it anywhere, so if you know it please let me know!
Thank you.

Ori said...

I don't really remember that song, I only remember there's the sound of tambourine??

I chance upon this music on youtube which I think is similar to the one that you're looking for?

However, have you check Kite Runner soundtrack? On you could listen a bit there.
Hope that helps, and thanks for visiting my blog :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for your quick reply.
unfortunately it's not the song i was looking for. It's not really a soundtrack cause it is played IN the scene where Amir want to see Sohrab and he dances to a music played by a cassette player..
Hope you know what i mean. I can't find it anywhere :(

Ori said...

Sorry that it's not the one.
Maybe if you can find that movie fans forum? (If there's any)
Anyway, keep wishing! and wish you'll find it someday :-))

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