That V Sign

v sign
F: oh my god.. you do that two fingers sign too!
O: what about two fingers? :P
F: your fingers in that picture...
F: have you ever seen a European doing that sign? :D
Fabio is commenting the picture of me flashing that V sign.
I knew that the similar sign when the palm is facing inward to the person who does the sign, is considered profanity in UK. Since Fabio is no stranger to UK, I thought he is just kidding me.

I tell him that I know in UK the inverse way of this sign means f*** off.
His response makes me a bit embarrassed :-)))
F: i met a jap girl in nyc, i took a pic with her.. and she did that sign!! :(
F: she sent me some of her picture.. and everywhere,, that sign..
F: it's first time I see you doing that :D

F: anyway i get mad when i see that sign. so, please don't do anymore
O: why??
F: it's so childish and meaningless :D
I explain to him that I did it because I was very happy to see that famous Rakata volcano was in action when I was there, not because I was trying to stereotype.
F: i probably used it last time when i was 8 years old and i won some football match with some other children
F: anyway when you come to europe don't do that in picture? :)
He's so bitter eheh, but bitter people are better than sugar-coating sweet talk people.
Back to the V sign, will you do it? :-D


Lilly's Life said...

That's funny. Lots of people use this sign here too. I think its a rude gesture if you turn your fingers around and hold the up. Funny posr!

Ori said...

thank you Lilly :-)
Many people here also do that Japanese V sign.

Mike said...

I always thought that Palm inwards is f**k off and plams outwards, meant peace and love. That's wat I would have made of it here in Ireland.

Ori said...

Yes, In UK, Ireland, and I just knew from what Lilly left here, in Australia too.
Later on I found out that my Italian friend actually didn't know that inversed V sign mean :)

Tim said...

Supposedly dates from the The Battle of Agincourt, in 1415. The French outnumbered the English and expected to win easily. They had threatened to cut off the bow fingers of any English longbowman they caught alive.

As it was, the English own the battle, with the longbowman playing a decisive part.

Hence the two fingered gesture to the French prisoners, "I still have my fingers, cos we kicked your a**" or "F**k off"

Ori said...

Wow, that's something new to me.
Thanks for sharing the background story here Tim.

Jiwan Neupane said...

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