Curative Dream

I hate going to a doctor. Sometime ago when I was having a high fever of 39°C, I had this dream.

I am walking with my Dad and my brothers on a small pathway just aside of a white painted Church. The Church building is disproportionately very long and thin, just like having an extreme distortion. As we are heading to the gate, I hear a beautiful choir's singing coming from a building on my left side. It looks like a Chapel, and it is also located in the same property of the White Church, but just before the gate.
Seems there is some merriment happening there. A marriage. I can see the white gown of the bride. Enchanted by the song, my father, brothers and I stop for a while outside the Chapel.

All of sudden a very tall and very dark man in a black suit already stands in front of my horse. I just realise I am riding a horse. The man smiles as he says "hello" and stretches out his hand to me as if to help me get off of my horse. I am startled then freeze for some second.
"Move on, hurry" Dad's agitated voice brings me back to my consciousness.
"I told you not to take this way, but your brothers are all stubborn"

We continue our journey and I turn left after we exit the gate.
It's very dark there, I barely see anything, but I then vaguely hear a lament, a chilling cry "huu..uuh....uuuuuuu..." -this is the onomatopoeia of crying :-D
Then faintly I also hear some kind of Arabic chanting is being murmured along with that cry.

Finally my eyes meet a dimmed light in a distance as the voice becomes more distinct.
The light comes from a lantern that lies on the ground.
There is a small group of people kneel down encircling something and they seem crying and chanting a prayer. Now I'm starting to smell damp soil mixed with burnt incenses.
Oh wait, it's actually not just something, it is a corpse wrapped in a shroud!
There's a woman looks really in grief and keeps mourning the wrapped corpse.
It looks like that they're preparing to put the corpse into the burrow.
I'm really freaking out, I turn right immediately and from that graveyard.

I woke up sweating, and the first thing I remembered was I have to see a doctor, I don't want to die :))

Photo by Wolfgang Staudt - modified under CC
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