Visiting Volcano with Socks in Crocs

Some days ago on my entrecard-hopping I came across Lilly's post which is asking about what is the worst fashion trend. I giggled as I read 2 things that she points out: wearing sandals with socks, and crocs.

Well, I just combined the two of them when I recently visited a volcano, Rakata, the Son of Krakatau.
I wore crocs sandals with socks. I know some crocs have silly design, but mine are the non-silly ones :-D

I decided to wear them for a practical reason only, because the volcano is located on an island and I reached the island by boat. There's no dock there, so visitors have to jump into the water. That's why wearing sandals is more convenient than wearing sneakers or mountain shoes. Besides in my opinion, regardless their designs crocs are light and comfortable to wear.

The island itself, except a little part of its beach, is mostly covered by particles from the active volcano -the volcano was "coughing" many times when we're there. There's almost no tree on the volcano, that's why the particles from the volcano that lay thickly on the ground become very hot when the sun is up, and in August the weather is usually very hot. My feet would cry if I didn't protect them with socks :-)) That's why I put on the socks.

Notice that my crocs have their back straps? I took the straps from my other flip-flop. It's my anticipation, so my sandals would stay attached on my feet as I walked on the loose surface, and to make my walk easier. I found out later, it's not as easy as I thought!!

At least I caught two girls were starring my crocs, I thought either they think my mutant crocs look maladroit or they're admiring them. It turned out to be the later, as they later told me "your sandals are uber cool." :-D


Ellie said...

More power to you! Question - how did the crocs hold up in that location? Any melting?

Ori said...

Thanks Ellie :))
The sands there are very hot, but not burning :)) and amazingly, despite the harsh condition there my crocs are still intact :)

Mountain Woman said...

Your day sounds like so much fun.

As to Crocs, that's all I wear so if people don't like them, don't look at my feet. I absolutely adore them and hope they never go away. They are really practical and comfy.

Ori said... was fun!! Especially to see the volcano in action that close :))
I adore my crocs too :))) I have 2 pairs include the one in the pic, but different model.

Lilly's Life said...

Thanks Ori for the link - great post. And guess what? I went to look for crocs yesterday myself. I would have loed to see a volcano in action. And your crocs and socks dont look so bad at all!! Have a good week!!

Ori said...

you're welcome Lilly :))
maybe one day you'll wear crocs to visit a volcano hehe.

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