Blog Action Day: Can We End Poverty?

Photo by Wetsun

As a citizen of a developing country, poverty to me is like everyday news.
Poverty in my country might not be as extreme as that in many parts of Africa, but still it's sorrowful. Sorrowful in the sense that there are actually a lot of things can be done to help the poor, but only small things are done -especially by the government.

Poverty seems not yet become a prominent issue, at least that's what I feel.
As a country which is now zealously developing, we are in euphoria to see the physical developments in our big cities, which unfortunately are savoured by the middle to upper society only.
The developments many times squeeze some unfortunate people, and make them poor.

Yes, we can easily create poverty but it will take great effort to overpower it.
Last Sunday at the Church, the preacher said something like the poor will always exist as long as we can't grow in empathy.

Thank you BlogActionDay for making the World more aware about poverty.
Let's all hope that we can overcome poverty.

Photo by Lord Jim


Monica said...

I've totally forgotten abt this Blog Action Day :-D
Have a nice day Ori!

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