The Faces of Poverty

I got a reminder from Blog Action Day org about stand up for poverty action that will set out on 15 October 2008. I haven't prepared anything. Anyhow, just so this nobel project get enough glare, I think I need to start to post about it now.

So today I have searched flickr to find the pictures about poverty from some small parts of the world, just to give me idea how does poverty like here and there.

Of course all the photos that I use here are under Creative Common license, and I eyepicked them carefully. Unfortunatelly, the one about my beloved country -which is a very well-taken photo- cannot be shown here because of its CC license, but you still can see it by clicking this link.
Now here are some faces of poverty from some part of the world, including from the rich countries.

Photo by dtes.people

Photo by jswieringa

Arab Saudi
Photo by Ү

Photo by letsputphotographsonthe internet

Photo by Filipe Moreira


Kgraham said...

Wow - puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

Thanks for popping over to visit me a bit ago...

Ori said...

Yes, though these photos may have not yet represented the more extreme conditions of poverty, but the one from Africa is already very shocking.

Irtiza said...

hi, i didnt know about the blog action day. thanks for letting me know...


Motor Sports Transportation said...

Honestly, poverty is everywhere. Once I'm seeing people in the street asking money or foods, I don't know how I feel. Helping them in one single moment wont really help them forever. I just couldn't imagine why there are called "poor". :((

Ori said...

I feel that way too often. In some places of my country (maybe I should say in my city), many "beggars" are organised by some crooks. So it's like "beggar enterprise", making poverty as their businesses.
Thanks Irtiza and Motor Sports Transportation for your comments.

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