Sunday Morning Survivor

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We were quite lucky that our house is near a hospital, and at that time when the incident happened the road was already quiet, making us possible to reach hospital in less than ten minutes.

There were about 3 patients already at the ER (Emergency Room), luckily I didn't have to see any bloods splash. Amongst them, Mom was the critical one. No longer than 10 minutes we were there, then a car stop in front of the ER, one family consisted of many people came in carrying an old man who also had trouble in breathing.

The vibe was really tense by then, the sound that came out from the supporting machine that my Mom used, then that old man's voice and also with his supporting machine. I heard one of the paramedics who took care of the old man called for another assistance, but the young doctor who was trying to revive my Mom said that my Mom was the more critical one. She had put something look like powder on my Mom's tongue, then she mumbled "This is not working....this is not working...this is not working.." I was stunned, was not hopeless I just starred at that young doctor, and I think she starred back at me as but I couldn't really grasp her expression, she just kept saying "this is not working."

A seems more experienced doctor joined the drama, she asked a certain procedure, and the young doctor said that she has done that but still "it's not working"....damn...that words again. I couldn't restrain myself anymore, I told the young doctor, gave my Mom an injection that can revive her. I really didn't know what I was talking, and I successfully made that young doctor more confused :-D. Then the more experienced doctor shout to my Mom "Ma'am..wake up..look at me," my Mom opened her eyes and her eyeballs responded to where the voice was coming from. I started to pat my Mom's sole of foot to stimulate her to keep awaking and kept telling her to remember Jesus. I started to pray ceaselessly, counting everything on Jesus' power.

By that time we had been there for 20 minutes, the old man that came in later gained his consciousness first and he was then taken to the CCU (Critical Care Unit) room. I was sad that my Mom still couldn't leave ER. As the paramedics with the old man on his bed were passing where I stand, I unintentionally looked at his sole of feet. They were very pale, almost white!! I automatically shifted my eyes to my Mom's sole of feet, hers were still rosy. I think my mind was a bit wondering about the shocking pale that I had just seen, but I didn't want to think anything bad at all.

Now the only patient left at the ER was my Mom and it took almost fifteen minutes later that my Mum was finally taken to CCU room. There were a lot of people at the CCU lounge where the families of CCU patients were waiting, including the family of that old man. We decided that my brother and I were the ones who stayed there, while my Dad and other brother went home. The time had already hit somewhere around 3 am, a big group of people of the watchers had also left. Ten minutes later, a paramedic came out from the CCU room looking for the family of one of the patients. It was that old man's. The two remaining persons of that old man went to the CCU, then one of them came back to the CCU lounge straight to the public telephone. I heard him saying "tell everyone to come back to the hospital. Don't have to tell anything else, just come back here immediately."

I tried to stop the bad thought, but I knew something bad is happening. Almost fifteen minutes later that family started back to fill the lounge. Then from the elevator back door came out two people rolling a big long box on a cart, didn't really look like a casket but I had that thought. When my brother told me that it's for a dead person, I told him "no, I think it's for carrying some food."
The big long box on the cart came out from the CCU along with that old man's family, and the one who made a call walked beside the box and kept caressing it, they went into the elevator. The CCU lounge became spacious again.

My brother and I were at the hospital until midday of Sunday, then my other sibling and my Dad came to change us. On Tuesday Mom left the CCU. My siblings and I by turn is sleeping at Mom's room to watch over her at the hospital. Doctor said that it looks like this week Mom can go back home. Thanks Jesus for letting my Mom survives, I just hope she will never again recklessly forsake her diabetic medicine for traditional medicinal herbs.


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:) Yes, thank God!! and thanks for your care too Monica :). I just got back from the hospital, and it looks tomorrow my Mom will be back home.

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