Father, You knew it!

Photo by Jesus Presley

Last Saturday was another frightening moment for me and family. Just like last January, Mom was rushed into the hospital Emergency Room because she almost couldn't breath, later the doctor found out that it happened because my Mom blood sugar level hit 500. It caused her lungs to work improperly and submerged by water, causing them to swollen and press her heart. In her case, that's how the heart attack was invented.

To be honest now I think I'm an egoistic person, cause I prayed to Jesus to safe my Mom cause I still need her. Doesn't that sound egocentric? Well, I couldn't think clearly what to say at that time, I prayed on and on begging Holy Spirit to strengthen my Mom's body, soul and brains. Then I remembered, what if she gained back her strength but her health still poor? Isn't it the same with giving her a torturing situation?
Thanks wholeheartedly to my Father in Heaven that even though I prayed chaotically, He still interpreted my prayer well, and Mom survives.

I will tell my experience in the E.R. on my next blog entry, right now, I'm very sleepy and I have some EC ads to be approved. Oh, and today is also a special day.


Monica said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's health! I will remember her in my prayers...

Ori said...

Thank you Monica for your prayer, I truly appreciate it. My Mom is getting healthier and stronger too :))

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