Quirky Tag and Haiku Contest

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I know I'm not quirky because I had a hard time to list four unspectacular quirks of mine !!thank to Monica :))!!. Anyhow, here they are:
1. I never order coffee but chocolate drink when I go to Starbucks, and I always top my choco drink with cinnamon, vanilla and choco powders.
2. I don’t like drinking coffee, but I love ice cream with coffee flavour, and I like the smell of coffee.
3. Chicken –dead or alive, and also raw flesh of chicken makes me queasy, but I love cooked chicken, breast only though, I don't eat other parts :)
4. I use my index finger knuckle to push the light switch and the elevator button

Now, I want Leet and TheSuccess tell the blogsphere of their quirkiness.

That's all for quirky business, and let's get on to Haiku Twitter writing contest 2 made by Coppyblogger, worth the MacBook Air for the first winner.

It will end tomorrow, and I have already sent mine the very morning of today, but I did a mistake.
Oh well...still I doubt I will win even without the mistake.
It's my first try making a haiku, and there are a lot people compete in the contest. I have known Haiku, but I didn't know the anatomical of it, not until I read the Rules of the competition.
The skeleton of Haiku is this:
Phrase one (5 syllables) / phrase two (7 syllables) / phrase three (5 syllables)

Here is my initial Haiku:
Haiku makes me mad/
I start to count syl-la-ble!/
Hope it’s worth a mac
But there are too many people twittering "Mac" or "MacBook Air" already, and there are too many people "counting" too, so I sent this:
Twelve a.m is here/
No one else but me alone/
My thought swings to you
The small mistake is that "a.m". It was meant to be "p.m", since the idea came exactly at midnight time. Anyway, as I said earlier, that really doesn't matter, I've noted at least two witty haikus that I favour to win, especially the first one, here they are:
John J Savo:
Haiku! God bless you/
nothing but a sneeze of thought/
and no handkerchief

Losing all my hair/
so I need a macbook air/
to research baldness
Cool and witty right :))
If you think you can beat them, then waste time no more.
Post yours before Nov 16'08 here, that of course if you are a twitter citizen.


Monica said...

very interesting facts esp #3! :-D
Thanks for doing the tag Ori..

Ori said...

you're welcome Monica :)
well, #3 is my biggest obstacle!!

The Success said...

Hi Ori...
Thanks to tag me...

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