They see Not what we see

Photo by Pulpolux !!!

I can't help myself talking about death penalty now. I'm not sad nor am I happy with the deaths of those 3 infamous bombers, but I'm dissatisfied seeing that the event in question seems don't send the right message to some people.

Shouldn't death penalty bring message to all spectators that death is the punishment for similar misconduct doers? So anyone would never even think to copycat them.

Somehow I feel that death penalty is like a way to comfort some of us the living, and that doesn't even contribute something to the dead victims, because we know even though those killers died 100 times that still can't bring back the victims to life. It doesn't make thing better either, because it afflicts some people.

In regard to what happened to those three people, I become numb because I got so disgusted seeing them showing their superbia upon the death of more than 200 people.

I would agree with capital punishment only if it can educate people of what is right and what is wrong thus to make people to stay away from killing or hurting others.

That is not what I saw when I watched the report on television following the mourning day of those bombers. Their partisans showed no remorse but they looked so adamant in their belief, -note, belief here is not meant to be religion, but it is meant as their own interpretation of their religion.

The elder brother of two bombers even declared this in front of the mourners:
"The souls of younger brothers are now being carried by green birds"

It seems their deaths have made them martyrs. The capital punishment message doesn't infiltrate those people. They have their own mindset, and if nothing can change that mindset then.....

While putting them in jail forever for a developing country like my country, would take loads of resources, cetera.

Is there a better way then? A way that can bring justice and peace?


Monica said...

also, these mindless terrorists are often better educated than their peers and hold respectable jobs

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