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It's been awhile that I took off my dear "choco block template" and using this very unique free template which is created by Jaloee, an Indonesian blogger.
Quite lucky that I've saved this template before it's become unavailable anymore for download. Sometimes ago I went back to the site and didn't find this template, that then makes this template a limited edition ;-))
Other unique templates made by Jalooe are still available to download for free there, but I like the clear structure of this template.
The structure gives equal exposure to the postings, and eases the reader to choose what to read.

I only face a problem to fill the abundant link and ad compartments that come with this template. I haven't tried to fit project wonderful or similar ads there because collaborating those kind of ads into this template is not as simple as a plug-n-play thing. For now, I just leave them as they are.

Another things that I want to do to this template are adding icons, and probably background for the widgets . Icons might be small in size, but they can bring prominent effect to a site. This template doesn't come with many icons.

I haven't decided what icons to use, but the huge collections of icon from my recent finding gives enough choices.
Have a look:
icojoy, here you can find the Maneki Neko Japanese good-luck cat. I'm not a cat person, but these cats are indeed cute.
fordesigner, this will pamper your need of icons with its super cute collection.
dryicons, it has icons and many more.
dezignous, essential source for free icons and other free graphic stuffs.
visual blast, not many collections, but very good ones.

Hope this finding can benefit other icon lovers too ;-)


Monica said...

I'm not a cat person either :-D :-D

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Ori said...

Really?? I thought you were =-O
Maybe I was a conservative dog in my previous life :-D
I can't get along with cats at all, I don't hate them though O:-)

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Monica said...

yeah I don't hate them but I'm really afraid of cats :-D :-D

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Ori said...

"really afraid"?? sounds somekind of phobia?? =-O

Recent blog post: For Sammy who deserves lots of love

Ori said...

really afraid?? sounds somekind of phobia??

Recent blog post: For Sammy who deserves lots of love

Tellie said...

I like this layout. Tt's very clean and easy to navigate!! And sorry to all the cat lovers out there, but I HATE cats with a passion. They are the devil in animal form. (okay maybe it's not that serious but still).

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