Two Cool Templates and A Contest

It appears that my current layout is not paid post friendly. Probably my blog subscribers notice that my previous post is suddenly gone. I have to take it off, after the ad marketing agent told me that the post is obstructed from full view on the homepage that I must allow at least two of my recent posts to be fully visible.

I'm in like with my current template very much, so I can't be bother to change it right now. Though this means that I won't be able to do paid post while this template is alive, and though I'm not sure if this template is SEO friendly, it's always satisfying to wear the outfit that you really want, right.

What else?
Still about template, I finally made my purchase from themeforest. Remember that last time I became one of the lucky 2500 PSDTUTS readers who receives $US10.
There are so many templates there, and because I also have wordpress blog, it took me months before I can decide which template to buy. I chose to buy the blogger one, because there are more free wordpress templates out there than blogger ones.
Gamediary-templates is the name of a template that I purchased. It has a nice colour schemes and good insertion of ad placements. Also, unlike the usual left side blog post, this template has the post section on its right.
Take a peek on how it looks.

What else?
While I was on themforest, I read about this awesome "Win $3500 to Spend on the ULTIMATE Creative Setup!". Enter just by creating a free account on any of Envato market places, including themeforest, and start compiling a public collection.
This is a snip that I quote from the site on how to create a public collection after you join:
1. Decide on the theme of your collection (e.g. Best Vector Illustrations, Killer WordPress Themes)
2. At the top of the page where your username is, click the Bookmarks link
3. Name your new collection in the Create a New Collection box
4. Add an awesome image to represent your collection
5. Add a description for your collection
6. Make it publicly viewable (this is important!), then click Create.

Good luck!!


Monica said...

Thanks for sharing this Ori! :* :*

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elai said...

i suggest you visit, I won a customized layout there. There are still other layouts she's giving away for free ;)

Mimi said...

Hi Ori! Thanks for visiting my blog. There are many creative designers who are very generous in sharing their blessings to others. I have run across on some of them while surfing the net and on blog hopping. Many of them support Blogspot templates too. Check out this one I don't have advertising credits for this (hahaha!) but I really love their designs and they custom made Blogspot templates also. Simply Fabulous Blogger templates at Hope you find something good. Happy blogging and god bless! ;)

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Ori said...

Thanks Mimi :)
I will keep it as my source when I need new template.
Btw, I like the way your template look too!! :)

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