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One of my buddies is very excited about her holiday plan next month, because she is going to enjoy her days for half a month in Europe. She has meticulously picked the tour package by checking its destination, itinerary, price and also accommodation. She's very happy to find out that her tour travel says that most of the time the company chooses branded hotels like Novotel or at least Ibis, those of Accor Hotels. I remember sometimes ago when I stayed at the Novotel in Bogor city, I loved to come to its Bale Bengong -or in English it can be described as a place for doing nothing- which is located on a huge tree. So I agree with her choice, with that kind of hotel choices that tour packaged sounds promising.

How about you? Do you go this holiday season by joining a tour package, or loosely? Whatever choice you make, don't forget to search for your hotels. Like my friend, I also play carefully when choosing hotel. We need to have a good sleep too to restore the energy, right?

Now this is a great news for you who are coming to Asia Pacific -that of course includes my beloved Indonesia, there's a great bargain rates from Accor Hotels City Super Sale. The bargain rates would even become more exciting if you book online between 23 - 29 June for stays between July 10 and September 30, 2009, because then you will be able to save up to 60%!!

Go check it out now, and book this limited time offers for your vacation in Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Hanoi, Manila, Mumbai, Sydney and Auckland. Don't forget Bogor too, if you want to see my favourite Balai Bengong ;). Yes, Bogor is included amongst 27 cities in that offer.



Monica said...

=-O =-O i love yr new template Ori!

Ori said...

thanks Monica!! I love it too :D and it's easily customizable too
oohh..only one thing... I just realised the commentluv doesn't get commenter's link :( hmm...I've just used new comluv installation... where does the problem nest?? :'(

Ori said...

so it seems mea culpa...I still had to attach the commentluv it's fixed 8-)

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Monica said...

yr commentluv works! :) ;)

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Monica said...

enjoy yr weekend Ori! :* :* :*

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Ori said...

Yesss.... :-D luckily I didn't yet ruin my template :D
Have fun to you too Mon!! :*

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Leet said...

Hi there, thanks for the info - I'm going to Bogor this coming weekend and now I have place to stay... :-D

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