Smell it, Squeez it, but don't...

Yes...don't eat any of the above donuts, no matter scrumptiously they look. They are only of benefit when you want to stress-free yourself, like when you want to punch someone but you know fighting is no good, just grab the donut and squeeze it then smell'll be completely overpowering your agitation. Really? Heheh, maybe.

Anyway, you don't have to be first stressed to get any of those donuts. I think if I can have it I will tease my friends with it cause it looks so real, at least from the photo, and moreover as the maker said they smell like ones too.

How to get these special donuts?
According to webdesignerwall, just pick one of the donuts and tell the reason why it's picked and write it on the comment box of Breadou Donut Giveaways posting. No need to make post about it, I do it cause currently I don't have things to put here and cause the donuts are cute :-D
In boca al lupo, it's an Italian's way to say good luck! to me and to everyone.
Enjoy the stress-free Saturday.


Monica said...

indeed, the donuts are cute! I love chocolate caramel :-P :-P

Monica said...

In boca al lupo Ori! ;) :)

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