Err...sorry but your zipper is open

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I recently had appointment with an oculist for my currently trouble eye. Yes, luckily not both of them :).
Went to a doctor recommended by a friend. She said he's a sympathetic doctor. My need of seeing this type of doctor is due to the previous doctor that I met, who gave me a distressing diagnosis with distressing explanation and urged me to undertake some thorough medical checkups. I told a friend and my Dad about that doctor's diagnosis, both of them assured me to see different doctor for the second opinion.

So that's how I met this doctor.
After some preliminary checkups, I went to the nice and modern waiting lounge where the patients wait for the doctors. I and the other patients of this doctor had to wait an hour because he had an urgent operation, so most of them then changed to another available doctor.
That made me number one in queue, and when the doctor finally arrived in his examination room I got called by his nurse. After a bit chit-chat of my case, he asked me go to the examination seat.

Then the drama happened, as I and he stand up, suddenly in reflex he covered his zipper area and murmured in shame "oh...sorry" then continued nervously "I was in a rush from the operation room".
The nurse giggled and said "luckily (she) doesn't see", and she repeated that again.
'Lucky' that I am currently quarterly blind :-P cause some weeks ago before I have this problem both of my eyes were very sharp.

I wonder if the nurse actually had known it, because they were in the room for some minutes before I got called in. Probably she was too embarrassed to tell him?
That makes me think, what if I were in her situation? How would I tell it? :-D

By the way, because of my Mom- thank God she's getting better and better-, I've been to many hospitals, but that was the first time for me to see a nurse with a 'polished' look. I mean she's lean, at least 1.70m height and has long legs that makes her more looks like a stewardess than a nurse.

eheheh..just found this link about Mens Open Zipper Alarm. Lol.


Monica said...

hahahaha...the doctor is so funny! :-D :-D :-D

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Monica said...

sorry to hear you're having troubles with your eye Ori! I hope all goes well :* :*

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Ori said...

thanks Mon, I really hope so!!
I keep praying and I believe it!! O:-)

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