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"I do like cooking, but I can't guarantee you will like what I cook," this is my default intro words whenever got asked if I can cook. Yes, I'm not confident with my cooking, because even though I follow a recipe, the result is unpredictable ! It's somehow a tough job for me :-D
So to prevent disappointment in the future -when the tongue touches my cooking, I always say that kind of sentence.

I like to try recipes that look scrummy, and -the important thing- easy to follow by me. I always check the appearance or the photo of the prepared food when I search a recipe on internet, because it's motivating, you know.

Got motivated is also what I feel when watching the video of Chef Ariane Duarte preparing some economical and simple Summer recipes, because she prepares scrummy looking Sirloin with homemade steak sauce and cauliflower puree from things that can be bought easily from most supermarket -on that video all stuffs are easily found at Walmart. The sauce used to be her secret recipe, and wow -this is something healthy but tasty that I won't mind to eat- her cauliflower puree is said taste mouthwatering that a kid won't even know that it's from cauliflower!! Trust me, just by watching it, makes you feel like want to lap your monitor :-D

This site also show me how it is very easy and also affordable to make Vanilla Ice Cream Cake, and it looks like a fun activity too for kids. I won't ask my little niece and nephew though, because I'm sure they will have too much fun and mess everything before the cake is ready :))

You Can See More Life Made Easy Videos Here on This seems already boost my confidence in cooking, hope this is not temporary :)



Monica said...

I don't like cooking :-[ :-[

Monica said...

but I love food! :-P

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