The Bomb and Mr President Speech

Angry, sick and sad, are what I feel about the bombing that hit two hotels in my city. After enjoying peaceful atmosphere for 5 years since the bomb attack targeting Australia Embassy in Jakarta, now we the people of Jakarta must see the similar cruelty again.
The two bombings killed 9 people and injured more than 60 people.

I also can't believe that JW Marriot Hotel got hit again, the security was tight enough there since the bomb attack in 2003. Ritz Carlton which is in the same neighbourhood seemed to have a matched security system too. In fact, many public and private buildings in Jakarta have included walkthrough metal detector or at least hand metal detector and CCTV as part of their security systems. We have been accustomed to those two and maybe got a little annoyed too cause every time we enter a building we must hand out our bags to be scrutinised and go through the detector or have our bags detected by the hand metal detector. Every cars must pass some security procedure before entering the gate of public buildings. It's more than enough, I think. Have the securities in charge also got tired already with all the routine and become unwary? Or have the culprits deceit skills have more developed?

I doubt that the security was loosening up, especially since FC Manchester United was scheduled to stay in Ritz Carlton Hotel and our national Football team would stay in JW Marriot. The two teams were preparing a friendly match to greet MU fans in Indonesia. Seems it's cancelled now if not postponed.

No news yet about who's behind the bombs, but in his public speech responding to the bombings, Mr. President kinda related the incidents with his winning the election? He showed photos of his picture as the target of shooting practice by some extremists (?). He got the photos from the Indonesia State Intelligence Agency. You can see part of his speech at the end of this post.
It's in Indonesian language, but you can see the picture of him as a shooting target.

Anyway I hope the violence and revolution that Mr. President said will emerges against his winning, will never happen.
I hope those who are responsible for the bombings can be discovered and arrested as soon as possible. My deepest sympathy goes to all the victims and their family, may God give you all strength. Peace be with those who died.
And my beautiful country, we will stand strong and fight back.

The full speech English text of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) on the Jakarta Bombings is HERE.
The reaction from his rivals -Vice President Jusuf Kalla and Megawati- that counsel Mr President not to politicize the terror attacks is HERE.


Kell said...

I feel so bad for what your country has gone through in resent years. The Tsunami and now this. I hope someday that this world will see peace.

Kelly said...

i just say only
that it is very sad
i hope its not done in feauture

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Ori said...

Thanks bakshgulrej, I hope it'll never happen again

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Ori said...

well..thank you and thanks for your visit :)

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Banking Directory India said...

really i feel sad about what just happen :( . but i can hope however is bhind this get punished.

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purva said...

Nice to read such a great conversation and speech.

purva chourey said...

great conversation and nice speech
Thanks for sharing it is so informative.

purva chourey said...

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vaibhav@GloMinerals said...

I feel sorry about what happened.. when did this world be in peace...

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