Going to Vietnam?

Recently when I and a friend were at a bookstore, she spent most of the time in the travel books section. She's a travel freak and she seems to know the tips on how to travel within budget. Like for instance, hunting for special flight rates, so she sometimes has already booked some flights in advanced. If I'm not wrong, Vietnam is amongst her fix travel plans, and it will not be the first visit for her, but I think the third (?) visit. So, I knew when I found out about Vietnam Super sale, this sure is gonna be on her menu :)

By the way, I'm not talking about clothes and bags shopping spree sale time here, but this sale is set by Accor hospitality!! Yes, so for the travel freak like her, this will be a great deal, cause Novotel, Grand Mercure and Mercure are well-known hotel brands. However, I'm curious why she always wants to visit Vietnam? I knew that she met her recent boy friend while they both were travelling in Vietnam years ago, so is it for the sake of her private beautiful memory or is Vietnam indeed worth visited repeatedly? Good idea, I will ask her when I meet her this Saturday :) Oh no, I should contact her quickly because that Vietnam Hotel Super sale offer is only running for 7 days, ie. 7- July 13, 2009 and that's for the stays from July 17 till September 30, 2009.

In the meantime, I can only find out from the internet about the beauties that one can find in Vietnam. I am now curious about Ha Long Bay, which is apparently a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where 3,000 limestone islands scattering on the South China Sea, creating a strange, eerie but very beautiful scene. I wonder the feeling that will overwhelm when sailing through those islands. I also read, those islands comprises bizarre cave formation and grottoes. Cool!!



The Success said...

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Ori said...

The second one has loading problem?

Recent blog post: Going to Vietnam?

Monica said...

I'd love to go there one day!! 8-) 8-)

Boris said...

there's nothing wrong if you're a travel freak, it's cute :)

i always wanted to go to malaysia, seems fun :)

kelvin said...

hi, pls support on this project on puppies:)

Ori said...

you should Mon, you are a traveller too ;)

Ori said...

:-D it's fun for sure. Malaysia? Accor also has special offer for Malaysia, I think so. Hope your dream will soon come true!! Come to Indonesia, it's beautiful too :)

Ori said...

thanks for the info Kelvin, I'm supporting it

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