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Today's holiday, I was very disappointed! Not because of the result of our presidential election, but because this morning when I was browsing the net, I realised that I missed Michael Jackson's memorial service live coverage on tv last night, Indonesia time. Later, I felt gutted at lunch when my bro told me that he and his family watched the reply in the morning. I knew then there would be no hope, because today is presidential election day in my country, means all the media would be fix on that.

So I decided to give my vote, especially because yesterday I received a promo sms from one Shopping Centre telling that all the voters will receive 50% discount at certain resto and cafe, including at ColdStone. A good way to encourage people to use their vote right, besides of course it's indeed a good marketing plan. But it turned out this became the second disappointment of the day!! All of the ColdStone shops were packed of people queuing, that made all that I, my sis-in-law and my cutie pie nephew could do was doing a little shopping of nothing essentials :-P but we're glad that we got the thingies on discounted prices. I bought the Batdog doggy-bank -will post the pic later, that caught my attention when I first saw it some months ago, and my sis-in-law got some good bargain prices on two pieces of shirts for her cutie pie. I also decided to buy again some decorated ribbons for my new hobby, ie. card making, because they're also on 30% discount prices. That's all. Oh, and the winner of the election is already predicted.

Photo ColdStone by wikimedia


Monica said...

I missed Michael Jackson's memorial service too Ori! :'( :'(

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Monica said...

Happy Thursday! :* :*

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Ori said...

:'( I'm trying to find the whole replay online

Recent blog post: Missing, Voting, Shopping

Ori said...

Happy Thursday Mon!! :-D

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