Puppy Mills Kill Kindness on Earth

When I was a little girl, my ankle once was bitten by our family dog. I don't remember why she bite me, but I will never forget that her name was Lassie, her fur was black and white, and she was a pekingese. I've never hated nor been afraid of her or any other dogs because of the incident, I love the creature still.

They're cute, witty, but if I must pick one from many good qualities that usually dogs possess, then I choose dog's willingness to help. Some anomalies do exist, such as dogs who bite without reason or savage dog who killed or injured others, I really hope I will never meet one like that!

Back to my pick -dog's willingness to help, this heartwrenching video really depicts that quality. I've already read about the story in a newspaper months ago, but found the video just today. It's about a stray dog who helped another stray dog who was hit by a car on a highway in Chile.

Normal dogs -like dolphins- seem inherited instinct to help others in need. Pity that some people still see dogs (and dolphins) as food, and pity that some dogs are treated badly like those puppies in Puppy Mill. After seeing an article about Puppy Mills, I began to think maybe that's why ferocious dogs exist. The puppies are born and breed in a terrible condition where they're not considered as living creature, but simply as commercial items. The mills are always dirty, jam-packed by too many puppies in one cage, and lack of care. Some puppies survive, some don't. Some will grow to be normal dogs, and some will become who I define as troubled dogs :-\

I decide to join The Puppy Mill Link Exchange Project (thanks to Kelvin) to prevent the existence of savage dogs and to save those little 'angels on Earth'.

I hope many bloggers also join this movement and place the badge and article on their blogs to spread the words. Remember......
The Puppymill Link Exchange Project


DC said...

Hello, thank you for joining in the fight against puppymills!

I have added your link!

Do spread the word to educate the people around you about the existence of such a horrible trade!

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Monica said...

I'm afraid of dogs but I dont hate them of coz! :) ;)

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Monica said...

Happy Thursday Ori! :* :*

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Tellie said...

It's sad that dogs are treated so inhumanely. Although I'm not 100% against not having dogs as food. It's a cultural thing and not an "abuse" thing. You can't save everything that's cute and fuzzy.

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Ori said...

you're welcome DC!! I hope there'll be more people to join.

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Ori said...

Mon, trust me, dogs are generally friendlier than us human :-D Just look into their eyes, you'll see if they are nervous or not, if they're not, then it's safe to get near them or even to pat them. Most of them are forever kid in their hearts :-D

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Ori said...

:-D I know cuteness is subjective, and it's not my point.

You are right Tellie, it's a cultural thing, it even exists in my country :(.

But what I want to point out is that dogs are too kind to consume. Kind in term that dogs have instinct to help or protect their humans (even sometimes stranger, or other animals) and many times save humans even if they have to risk their lives. Dogs have been used for a long time to assist blind people, and many other good deeds :)

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Tellie said...

Kindness is subjective as well. Some dogs have been known to maul the faces
off of humans.
Anyway, almost all animals can be domesticated in a way to protect humans.
Even lions. Most of the dogs that are consumed in the countries I lived in
weren't domesticated, they were bred to be eaten not to be kept as pets. I'm
not saying I go around eating dog, but I don't think it should be legal.
Afterall, dogs aren't endangered.

Tellie said...

*don't think it should be illegal

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Guest said...

:-D mauling others is not kindness at all.
In the above post I mentioned there are dogs that injure or kill others, and I wrote too what kind of kindness that I meant.

I've never said that eating dog is an abuse thing.
I just said "Pity that some people still see dogs (and dolphins) as food", and this opinion is related to the previous mentioned kindness.
That's just an opinion from me as dog lover :-)

I don't say what one "must or must not do" or what is "legal or illegal" in that post.
Oh, it's illegal in your country?
Here in Indonesia, dog eating is not illegal at all.
You won't be fined or jailed if you have a resto that serves dog meat.
I'm glad that only exist in small part of my country.

All animals can be domesticated, but can't be fully tamed and I think it's already proven by
our ancestors since 15000BC that dog has been the most cooperated animal.
Dog has that special social intelligence that is rare in other animals.

Dogs are not endangered, neither are humans :-)

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