Don't Want To Be Prita-lised But I Need To Complain

I'm questioning the professionalism of Quack-quack International Hospital in Jakarta. Mind you, the actual name is not Quack-quack, but it's indeed an International Hospital. I don't put its real name here because I don't want to be PRITA-LIZED by the so-called justice. The other hospital with whom Prita has a clash is also an International Hospital. I guess being labeled with International doesn't mean that the hospital is as competent as its foreign associate. The label seems just like a gimmick to suck patients' money, but I hope I'm mistaken.

I r-e-a-l-l-y hate that Quack-quack International Hospital. Hate is not a Christian word at all, but the heck with it, I'm at rage.
I'm gonna start with the background story why I feel that way.
I went to Quack-quack International Hospital  two years ago with a big hope to find solution to my problem, which is not something that threatens my life (I hope not) nor will infect other human. I chose that hospital, not because it's a good hospital, but because the doctor that I wanted to meet is the famous one for my case and he's part of that hospital.
Day 1, when I went there, everything was ok. The doctor -let's call the creature as Dr. Joker (as in Batman)-was friendly and full of smile. He told me to undergo some screening since he didn't notice my problem. He told me, I could come back tomorrow so he could see the result of the screening. Although on that next day his schedule was actually packed with number of surgeries, he didn't mind to meet me before or after the first surgery. I then went to the registration desk to register for the next day early appointment around 08.00 (I think), and though the person in charge said that Dr. Joker tomorrow doesn't have practice schedule, I explained that Dr. Joker himself had given me time to meet in spite of his peak schedule for surgeries. So it's confirmed.
Day two. I went back there the following day and straight to the administration desk to confirm my presence and do administration stuffs. The person in charge told me to go to Dr. Joker waiting room and to also inform the stuffs at registration desk there that I'm already presence.
I did all everything they told, yet I had to wait......7 hours!!#@$$("!@X!!! plus few complaints from myself to the stuffs until finally met the super busy Dr. Joker, who probably was not informed by his stupid stuffs -those hospital stuffs that I dealt with- at of my arrival.
Oh, the funniest and the stupidest thing is, around the 6th hour of my waiting, my mobile was beeping and the text was very queer, saying "Just a notification that you have appointment with Dr. Joker today, please confirm. From Quack-quack International Hospital"Am I dreaming? Am I hallucinating? I couldn't understand the message. I had been waiting there for hours and then came an sms from that hospital asking me to confirm my appointment. I was really disoriented, lost in time and space.

Anyway, after that long and lone wait at the waiting room, the nurse told me to move to the Recovery Room, where I saw 2 patients who just got operated and their family. I thought Dr. joker was to meet me later in his room, I guess I was totally wrong. A nice nurse (the only nice and sane one!!) asked another nurse to call Dr. Joker because she's afraid that Dr. Joker might have forgotten since he had meeting in waiting before another surgery. The doctor met me after I was at the Recovery Room for 10 minutes. He open my screening result in front of all the people at Recovery Room, and quickly judged it and approved what I told him the day before. That's it. He didn't even care to open the envelope of the letter addressed to him from the lab! It's indeed expensive, but money was not the matter if I got what I deserved.
When I asked him, so what can be done? He just said "well, just blah blah blah" (sorry for the censor, not that he talked dirty but it's just that I don't like my problem being publicised).
I told him "no way, jose" (not exactly like that). Then he easily replied "Or else, I don't mind to operate you" and he smile widely, as if it's not a problem at all. That conversation only lasted less than 8 minutes and with no privacy at all!! I had to wait almost 7 hours for that! I felt so silly. I had decided to wait because I didn't want to waste time on street, since Quack-quack International Hospital is quite remote from the city center, not to mention the lousy traffic jams.
Enuf for the background story.

Now, what makes me in a mad flare....
I received a letter from a 'Pro Blahness Society', an organisation of people having the same problem as mine, it invites me to join its event, a meeting. Pro Blahness Society has invited Dr. Joker as their speaker.

That means Quack-quack International Hospital has shared its patients' and ex-patients' private data without foretelling the related patients!! Horrible practice!
I have emailed the hospital to erase all my data from its databank and that I am very upset to know that my rights as patient have been Indonesian language..di zolimin!
Probably Quack-quack International Hospital doesn't care at all about patients' right? It is my right as a patient (or in this case ex-patient of that hospital) to keep my record as private and confidential!

But the kind of Quack-quack International Hospital and Dr. Joker, will always be safe because of the so-called 'justice' in Indonesia, because if I reported them, I would probably become the candidate of another Prita Mulyasari who got jailed because she innocently and harmlessly complained.

I wish I were a powerful dictator, I would send those corrupted people to Guantanamo :-)

God, help them to understand, patients are not articles of commerce!

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