At Lost, Knowing 2012 Deep Impact

Now I feel embarrassed, but I still think it's funny.

Two weeks ago at Saturday lunch with Kat and Yan, Kat was telling us her thought about the movie 2012. She asked if Yan and I have watched it. I was very sure that I had watched it around 2 months ago!! and in fact I had twittered it too to express my questioning of why MUI -the ulama organisation in Indonesia- wanted to ban the movies 2012. So I said "yes, I watched it two months ago".

Though look confused, Kat continued her opinion regarding 2012 "it's actually a depiction of Noah's ark story you know". That when I went lost, but because I only watched partly that-what-I-believed-2012 when it's just about to end, I told her, I don't remember that part, but I recalled that my brother cited it too. Kat carried on mentioning things like "but the dog is safe", "the ship is made in China", "but it's even in Euro", "tsunami" et cetera, things that I didn't see in 2012 that I watched. I was at lost again, I said "is there a dog? Well, maybe I missed that part", "and I didn't see the ship either" et cetera.
Everything were so awkward, that's when Kat and Yan asked me "are you sure it was 2012??". Confidently I said "yes, it's the one with John Cussack, right? There are two kids, one is a boy and the other is a girl, and John Cussack is separated. They ran away in cars" et cetera. Kat approved that, until she heard me mentioning meteor, that's when she cut my story and drew a conclusion "I think you're talking about Deep Impact", agreed by Yan "yes, I think so, and it's already an ancient one heheh". I disagreed by saying "how come it's also starred by John Cussack?", but Kat said that John Cussack played that kind of movie a lot and "he played in Deep Impact too"!!

Last Saturday I finally went to fulfill my curiosity and watched 2012. Surprising enough, though it's been on since at least two weeks ago, the enthusiasm upon this movie is still big, we could only get the seats on the 2nd row from the screen -my poor neck!
The whole almost 3 hours, my friend and I couldn't stop giggling and mocking the movie. I think it's the first absurd movie that successfully made me sit for almost 3 hours because of its top-notched visual effect.

Finished from the theater, I texted Kat and Yan telling my disappointment. Yan said she read on her Facebook that an elementary student said "how would it be possible to escape from doomsday with a plane, that film director will be scolded by *ustadz" (*uztadz is an Islamic cleric). Funny enough, cause to me this 2012 is not about religious doomsday at all, that probably what MUI missed :-)) In fact there's no need to get offended, because it's just a plain Hollywood fabricated story, nothing religious at all.
Thanks to MUI though, the ban is really a successful promotion for the movie 2012 in Indonesia :-))

So what was the movie that I thought was 2012?
IMDB showed me that Kat and Yan were also wrong, John Cussack doesn't star in Deep Impact. They really had mislead me :-) and the whole thing started when I mistook John Cussack for Nicolas Cage -no clue how that happened -they're amongst my fav stars though-, and I still don't understand how could I assumed it as 2012.

I am so glad that I finally discovered that the movie was Knowing, which in my opinion is much much better than 2012.

Important note to self, next time I should always bother to check out the title of the movie that I'm watching, especially when I don't watch it from the beginning.
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