Christmas saga

Last year I tweeted "Don't let Santa Claus takes over Christmas!! Bad old man :-P" then I got a replied from Santa Clause on Twitter, saying "And just what makes me so bad?". He is really all over now, even in Twitter land, and has many followers too. I don't hate Santa Claus, I just hate the commercialism idea behind it. Santa Claus now is so different than Santa when I was a kid, back then he was not commercialised. Usually someone at our Church will dressed up as Santa handling gifts from parents to their children. Now, well, just go to the Mall and Santa is there waiting and willing to be taken a picture with kid, as long as he is paid some thousands rupiah. Not only at Malls or Shopping Centres though, because some days ago my sis-in-law told me that my nephew's play ground -which is part of a Catholic school- also arranged a photo session with Santa Claus for the toddlers, but I'm glad that my nephew refused. Good kid :-)

I think Christians should stop making their children believing in Santa Claus, and I can't understand why a Catholic school is also joining the Santa's saga thing? Because Christmas has nothing to do with Santa Claus, he's just an opportunist :-P
and he has successfully inundated Christmas with his existence, like this time, when finally I made a card with him on it, arrghh....!! Well, just because this time I got him for free though, and just because I wanted to practice my card making and my using copics, and just because I'm too lazy to draw the Birthday Boy aka baby Jesus by myself :-) Lame excuse!

So there it is a card that I managed to make from a free digi stamp and free digi patterned paper offers, and my sibling has adopted that Santa Claus' card for her friend.
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