Too Religious to Talk

Had a bit fun debate with my dear chat friend, let's call him Elvis (lol). It started with the thing that Elvis told me long ago that he doesn't mind to kiss a transvestite, only if hshe -the transvestite- looks really feminine.
It's not a case even if it's right, he's still my friend, but I was kinda curious last time when we chat again and eventually landed in the same topic. This time I for amusement matter told Elvis that he must be a bi then if he doesn't mind kissing another male passionately :-D.
He must have been stung by that, cause his reaction was a bit bizarre :-D
He didn't admit that he doesn't mind, but he just went on and on saying that if he likes (the hshe) than he will kiss, and I just wanted him to answer yes or no to my conclusion that he's a bi.
He then went on to the idea that kissing a transvestite is something similar to eating pork (for Jewish, Muslim, and the vegetarian), specifically he said this:
28/10/2009 22:02:35 Elvis: i don't understand
28/10/2009 22:02:43 Elvis: if i don't like to eat pork
28/10/2009 22:02:57 Elvis: but someday i'd eat pork without knowing it
28/10/2009 22:03:05 Elvis: and i love it
28/10/2009 22:03:19 Elvis: why i should say "i didn't like it" just because it was pork?
28/10/2009 22:03:51 Me: no its very different
28/10/2009 22:04:03 Me: see, first we're talking about a she male
28/10/2009 22:04:29 Me: that makes you understood well that, the person is partly male :P
28/10/2009 22:04:35 Me: it's not like pork
then, he finally dropped the bomb...
28/10/2009 22:05:01 Elvis: well if someday it will happen
28/10/2009 22:05:19 Elvis: i'll not say "i don't like it" just for some religious prejudices
28/10/2009 22:05:41 Me: no, of course not, we're not talking about religious thing at all
28/10/2009 22:05:47 Elvis: no?
28/10/2009 22:06:02 Elvis: if you aren't talking about religion
28/10/2009 22:06:13 Elvis: there's no discussion about being bi straight and so on
28/10/2009 22:18:05 Me: for me, even if I were agnostic or atheist, gay and bi are still abnormal
28/10/2009 22:18:35 Elvis: luckily just for you :)

The chat didn't stop there, but his opinion is like unshakable mountain, that only the religious people have objection toward homosexuality, and to question such thing means the person must be a religious one and there's no point to discuss it at all. Lol. Checkmate.
He must have mix atheism with homosexuality :-D


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