Just a Light Early January Chit Chat

Happy that I attended Church on the first day in January 2010. That will not automatically 'save' me, but as a believer, it recharges my faith, somehow.
I haven't had many things worth noticing at this very young 2010, most stuffs are still just the leftovers from 2009.

Talking about the leftover things, I forgot to write it down on my blog my favourite films throughout 2009. So here they are, the top three, starts from the most liked by me:

1. The Ugly Truth
I had started laughing at the beginning of this film. Very funny, and Gerard Butler is the sexiest man alive!I'm probably a bit biased, but the dance scene really possessed me and I even dreamed about it, but not with GB :-P This is a very light movie, you don't need to think at all cause there will be no time to think, you will not be able to restrain yourself to laugh.

2. This Is It
it changed my perception of the late Michael Jackson. He was indeed very passionate about the things that he loved, but I didn't know that he was that shy, and he was very humble too. I somehow believe that he was misunderstood by some people, but people who dislike him I'm sure also admit it that MJ was and is a great dancer and a genius in music and entertainment world. Glad that the producer of his last concert filmed the rehearsal sessions.

3. Avatar
A must see in 3D. Very cute story with great and cutting edge visual effects.

I must stop now, sleepy already, and oh, my best friend Leet will undergo a surgery tomorrow, please wish her a best luck and pray for her too.

Happy 2010 friends, may God gives us more power, more success and best luck. xoxo.
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