Many Tastes of Christmas

I thank Jesus for today. Never before I appreciated Christmas Eve as today, because last year in these days we were almost in total eclipse which was due to my Mom's health problem that made her has to be hospitalised. This afternoon when my family and I gathered at my parents' dining room to have little celebration of  Christmas Eve together, I couldn't stop thinking about last year when the situation was different 360 degree. I couldn't stop to think about people who are not as lucky as us today, to those who have their loved ones in weak condition suffering from sickness, even terminal illness and to those who have to deal with the death of their loved ones.

People always relate Christmas with joy and happiness, that's why they put "Merry" in front of Christmas. When Jesus was born, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus were having tough time.

Let's all of us this Christmas also remembering and praying for those who are in state of illness and sadness, may Jesus comfort them. Amin.

I thank Jesus, my Lord, my God, my Comforter and my Savior. Merry Christmas everyone, remember that Jesus always be with us in any circumstances, we are never alone. xoxo.
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