IntenseDebate Makes Love

I've just successfully reequipped origena with commentluv. It's really a piece of cake, and it works simple, unlike commentluv with js-kit which seemed complicated for almost everyone that don't have experience with it. The js-kit control panel or dashboard was also frustrating me in the beginning, cause the system seemed automatically show login tab, though I had not clicked log off. Don't know if I misunderstood it, but I had to claim my blog every time I wanted to delete comments or modify the js-kit on my blog.

Just when I wanted to give up, I went to commentluv site, to see if  I need to install a new version of commentluv js-kit to resuscitate commentluv in this blog. I found not even the old version for blogger there in the download plugin section, nothing at all, only download for wordpress and twitter.

Luckily I got the clue as I browsed its News section. I found out an article titled Intense Debate CommentLuv is Here! At first became a bit perplexed cause it says "is Here!" while part of the url, shows the word "coming soon". However I dug up the answer from the comments left by some bloggers, and  learned that comluv intensedebate is working in blogger. I directly searched info for removing js-kit from blogger. It's pretty easy too, just locate js-kit widget by clicking the layout tab and once found, delete it.

Glad that it didn't mess up my layout, cause I didn't make any backup. Once js-kit cleared out, I rushed to IntenseDebate and create an account there. The installation process also went swimmingly, the direction is short and clear. I went back to CommentLuv site for the how-to commentluv installation on IntenseDebate. It's even easier, just go to the Dashboard for my Origena blog in IntenseDebate, click on the plugin section and activate CommentLuv from there.
Easy peasy and neat! Now, care to shower me with some comments? ;-)
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