This is What Happens When You Have Live TV

Sarah Murdoch needs other better excuse for her mistake at hosting The Australia's Next Top Model rather than picking live television show as a scapegoat.

Watching it again on youtube, I think Sarah started to look tense at 2.30, then at 2:31 she looked like having her body there but her mind was elsewhere. Probably the operator had told her by that time about the mistake she just had made, but she lost idea of what to say. Poor her.

Some people think that it was purposely for publicity reason, that Sarah Murdoch was just acting. It's silly, it's very obvious she looked horror-stricken.
I can't pick the best scenario of what actually caused the blunder. Was it the operator who didn't speak clearly? Did Sarah actually has problem with her ears? :-D
Or ...could it be Sarah Murdoch actually preferred Kelsey Martinovich to Amanda Ware to win the title, and that caused her subconscious to take over her mind?

As for Kelsey Martinovich, she's elegantly in control of the situation, and came forth to comfort Murdoch. Both finalists are beautiful, and I see Kelsey as a winner as well as Amanda.
It's also good that as a way of apology, the organiser compensated Kelsey with $20,000 (£12,000) and a trip to New York.
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