You're Selling a Wrong Doctrine

My today during morning to the afternoon was tinted by greyish colour.  Stories resulted from my own experience and from news that I overheard on the radio and later when I watched one of our national local tellies, Metro, were the ones who painted that colour. Since throwing all the stories here would make my entry too long, I decide to write the non personal one first.

I watched a dialogue on Metro TV, a talking about terrorism that currently begins its stupidity in some parts of Indonesia. There were two participants who argued each other, and a moderator.
I dare not to write much here,because it has the possibility to ignite the short fuse of some narrow minded people, and also because unfortunately I didn't watch fully from the beginning.
I side with Al Chaidar, the observer of terrorism, because of strong points of his argumentation.
However the one that caught my attention is what the other person said.

He said that it is wrong to kill people who don't sin.
Yes, people who don't sin, and I'm sure he meant it that way because he kept repeating those words.
He didn't mean innocent people.

That makes me think.
Humph...he's not a law he God?
Afaik, imho, only God who knows everything. Besides, is there any of us who doesn't have sin?
Not even a pope, not the late mother Theresa, not any of the preachers I saw at Church, not one of us.
I bet each of us was/ is not resistant to sin.
I can't include Jesus, because He's 100% human but 100% God.

The statement  "it's wrong to kill people who don't sin", really makes me frown...

How could he or the people who sympathise him or have the same thought with him decide, which one who doesn't have sin and which one who does? Which ones are allowed to be killed and which ones are not?

Wrong doctrine, so totally absurd. Hope he realises that, otherwise his brains need more nourishment.

Ok. that's one colour of grey for today. Let me end this entry with some translated lines from Takuboku Ishikawa - taken from Romaji Diary and Sad Toys (Tuttle Classics)
A Spoonful of Cocoa

I know
The sad heart of the terrorist-
A single-minded heart
Which finds it impossible to cut asunder speech and act,
A heart that wants to speak with deeds
Instead of words, which one has been deprived of,
A heart that hurls at the foe the body encasing it-
This is the sorrow serious and fervent men forever have.
Sipping cold cocoa from a spoon
After some eternal endless debate,
I know from this slightly bitter taste
The sad sad heart
Of the terrorist.

You sad pathetic creature! I mean all terrorists!
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