Breakfast Guilty Pleasure

I got very hungry just before reaching lunch time, and it's because of what I ate for my breakfast.
I almost never dare to skip breakfast because of a saying that says breakfast is important. Unfortunately I often am being careless about the nutrition fact and the quantity of my intake by stuffing my stomach with things that only pamper the taste buds of mine. This is the picture of my very light but high in calorie breakfast

The one that is so special to me is not that Hagen Dazs ice-cream, but it's the ones wrapped in leaves.
For information, they are not any sort of stuffed rice or rice filled with something inside. They are fermented glutinous rice, or its traditional name is Tape. This one is special to me because I never saw Tape Ketan wrapped in leaf like that before my in-law gave some to us on previous day. I like Tape Ketan very much and this tape tastes even nicer. I think the leaf adds a unique taste to it, and the bake process enhances the taste.
Adding choco ice-cream was definitely a big no-no, vanilla flavoured ice-cream is always a good companion for tape. However, there will be no next time for this kind of breakfast! I need to care more of my stomach and future health :-/
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