A Homey Movie time with Popcorn

Every time I go to the cinema, there is this one distinct scent that is always there to welcome me, the moment I set foot in the lobby. I'm sure everyone else is also aware of that scent. The movie buffs probably regard it as a "homey" scent, that emits from the busy popcorn machines, the warm smell of sticky caramel coated popcorn or just plain and salty popcorn. My favourite guilty pleasure is of course always the sweet one..toffee... caramel..hmm, now suddenly I feel like want to go to a movie!

If only I had one of those vending machines popcorn like the one at the cinema, I could have my movie time treat anytime at home. There would be no need to struggle in traffic jams or to wait in a long lineup for the movie tickets. I could just fill my machine with the corn kernels, season them with anything I want, and enjoy the familiar popping sounds and the smell made by the popcorn, and then enjoy a relaxing time watching my favourite movie.

That vending machine popcorn is actually not hard to find, because I found out that there is this site that sells vending machines popcorn, complete with popcorn supplies, gourmet popcorn flavors and even popcorn recipes using popcorn. The site is epopcorn.com. I check out my favourites flavours there! The caramel one is just one amongst a total of 20 gourmet popcorn flavors. By only looking at the list I have already started imagining the possibility of mixes that I could create from them.

Wanna see what the machines look like? Have a look at the products here...

This cute one is Countertop Hot Air Popper

This one is my fav!!
the style of Original 1911 4 oz. Popcorn Machine w/ Cart

Street Vendor 6 oz. Popcorn Machine
These are just three of many Popcorn Products available there. It looks like the site is really a heaven for popcorn lovers, and of course for movie buffs who wants to feel “homey” when watching a movie at home. Aside from the machines for personal use, epopcorn.com also supplies machines for businesses, like that of a street vendor or retail outlet in the mall.
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