In Love with Lemon

It has become my habit to start my morning with a glass of warm lemon water in the last five month.
I've read the benefit of drinking the mix of lemon and warm water since couple of years ago, but had not taken it seriously. As usual, we often ignore good advices until something bad hits, and it happened to me too when my Mom had some problems with her health. At first it was her poorly-controlled diabetes, then that affected her heart, stomach, cholesterol level and currently it looks like she is prone to allergy. Illness is really time-and money-consuming, and usually when we're not careful enough, we'd fall to money-sucking doctor or hospital! So it's best to stay away from illness.

Pic by Dodo-Bird
photo by Dodo-bird
That's how I started to look for some green health solution, things that come from nature, something that won't pile up unnatural chemical residue inside my body. I am in favour of prevention than of medication. My Mom since her illness until now has had to depend on her medicines, she consumes seven pills in the morning, three to four after lunch, and seven in the evening. She's been warned about her kidneys condition cause her creatinine level is high, and that could end up in renal failure. That news really scares us cause two of my close cousins died at a young age because of renal failure. One nephrologist told me and my Mom that she will eventually must undergo dialysis -God forbid.

Though some of the doctors that I asked said that it's a very small to no chance that her high creatinine level is caused by the amount of medicines that she consumes everyday, I still suspect that way.

Lemon is believed brings good impact on digestion, and I believe healthy digestion is a start of healthy body. A book that I bought also says that lemon reduces the risk of cancer.I also read that drinking warm water with lemon regularly will preserve liver. There are many more good sayings of the routine on the internet that made me decided to adapt it to myself and to my Mom.

The result is promising, I have never caught a flu for almost a year ever since I consume lemon plus warm water regularly. My Mom's monthly lab result is improving, though her creatinine level only drops a bit, but  in general she's better. She still consumes her daily intake medicines, but gradually I hope she will gain back her health completely and will be free of that medicines.

A warning though, lemon corrodes teeth, just gargle to rinse the teeth and mouth immediately after drinking it, or use a straw.
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