Doom Dance

I planned to stay for a short time -at least not until the couple session- when I joined the dance class that day.
The female outnumber the male participants, it's not ok at all, and beside I had an appointment to catch.

Right when the couple session was about to begin that's when I prepared to leave.
But the instructors stopped me, said something like "there's one man left here don't be shy."
Yes it's true, there's one left, and seemed none –of the females- wanted to partner with him. Everyone else had a partner -though mostly female and female- except him and me, cos I never planned to stay. I didn't rush when the instructor told all the dancers to go on partner.

I felt it was bad if I refused and chose to leave straightaway. That would be too embarrassing for that left alone guy.

"Don't be afraid, he's a healthy baby" that's the instructor throwing a lousy joke over the paunchy guy.
It sounded rather stupid to me.

I accepted the healthy baby as my dance partner anyway.
When I was standing face to face with the healthy baby, I just realised that big gold chain necklace on his neck!
OMG!! A pimp!
Sorry...for guys with the same necklace, but really that's what I learnt from American flicks. Guy with a big gold chain necklace is usually a pimp.

Hand in hand, the music was playing, all were trying to rehearse all steps we had previously in solo. 1..2...3...4...5....6....
I was trying to concentrate by watching the instructor on my left so I didn't have to look at the healthy baby with pimp necklace, but the "healthy baby", my poor partner was bugging me with his trying to be friendly mode and instructing me what to do as if he were a trainer.

Saying things like "relax yourself" with shaking my hands lightly accordingly, then "the counting is like this: 1..2...3..."... "turn around at the count of five" ... "wait for my sign when I raise my hand"....etc...etc...

Like I were not around before? Did he think he's the instructor? I was really pissed.
I wanted to say "stop shaking my hand and telling me to relax you pimp!"

Instead I told him, no, I shouted at him "OK!! like this, 1..2..3, ALRIGHT!"
He's stunned.

Thanks God, break time, so I evacuated myself from the doom!
Beside it's already 10 min to my appointment.
That's my first -hopefully my last- doom dance!
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