For the Love of Batik

I am a bit swayed by the current Batik enthusiasm movement in -at least Jakarta- my country. Everywhere I see people wear the products of Batik. Batik is really in fashion. So I think it would be nice to adorn this beautiful template with a look-a-like Batik print. I can't say it a Batik pattern though, cause Batik is not actually a pattern but it is the process.

Let me talk a bit of what I heard about it. The word Batik is derived from Ambatik and also tritik. Both words are originated in Javanese language. Amba means "to write" or "to do", while the word 'tritik' which means a dying process where the patterns are done after tying and sewing the areas. It was similar to tie dye techniques. So I think that's why it's said it's not a pattern but the process of making the pattern.

Having said those, I want to point out that Batik is the pride of Indonesia and the most beautiful Batiks are from Java Island in Indonesia.

Interested in reading more about Batik? A site that's mainly addressed for expatriates in my country features an educative and concise article about Batik.
Want to make some groovy pattern like mine for your own template background? Do it easily on or just click the above pattern.
The more complicated and exotic process of making the product of Batik by Batik artists, however, can be seen here.


Nishadha said...

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Origena said...

Thanks Nishadha :), I used to have favicon, but since I change my template a lot lately, I've forgotten it a bit cos I always want to match the favicon with current template. The tips on your blogs are worth to read though.

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