If you're dragged here hoping to read about Kamasutra, then stop and leave immediately cause unfortunately this is not about that. I'm gonna talk about Karma.

Sutra means some kind of teaching, so there are Yoga Sutras, Brahma Sutras, Sutra Pitaka and so on. I'm not sure about Karma Sutra existance, maybe just Sharon Stones' Karma Sutra :-D.

Personally, I don't believe in Karma. Even if I were not Christian, I would not believe in Karma. As a Christian, I believe that the world has become a grave place since Adam and Eve lured by satan. That makes by default, the world is an evil place where any malicious things are happening in every single tiniest measure of time, doesn't matter if one is good or bad, evil power still can reach. Death then has become an inevitable fate, though for Christians death is not a period of life. Good people will be granted a place in Heaven after death, and the bad apples will be baked forever in an eternal flame.

Enough with the preaching, let's continue to Sharon Stones' karma saying.
I feel what China people feel with what Sharon Stones' saying. Cruel and shameful saying.
I confronted the same issue some time ago after Tsunami hit some parts of Indonesia. One of my experiences is when I was on a taxi in Penang Island, Malaysia. The driver expressed a big relief to that unspeakable big tragedy, he said Aceh people deserved it because they were wicked and that's their karma. I did wonder at that time, what about the Tsunami victims in Penang Island then?
He looked too poisoned by hatred and I don't have a skill to educate, so I just ignored him. My other experiences came the net where I bumped into some dull postings on some internet forums threads and comments mentioning that Indonesia deserved tsunami because of the riot in May1998. Pretty stupid, because the Tsunami victims were not only native Indonesia but also Chinese ethnic, Arabic ethnic, and so on.

I don't know if those people who condemned Indonesia's tsunami victims ever regret their moronic thought, but Sharon Stones finally realised that she's very wrong and she bravely apologised. I hope Stones' incident also opens their eyes.

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